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We are considering a Global Tournament rating and leaderboard that uses the results from all the past GTs.

With more than 100 Global Tournaments in the books, creating a simple rating that includes all of them isn’t an easy task. There are many options available, so help us choose the ones that make the most sense.

To do that, we’ll explore a few separate topics and ask your opinion with polls. We also welcome more detailed responses in the comments, you might have ideas and alternatives that we haven’t considered.

Game mode selection

Over the years, there have been around 20 different game modes, and more could come in the future. Should all Global Tournaments be valued equally? Should we only care about normal battle GTs? Maybe somewhere in-between, with reduced relevance for the less competitive modes?

What GT game modes are relevant?
  • Not sure
  • Only normal GTs
  • Only normal and competitive GTs
  • All game modes

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If we consider several game modes, should they all be weighted equally?
  • Not sure
  • Yes, all have the same value
  • No, competitive GTs should be worth more

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If a 2v2 GT ever happens, should it be mixed with individual GTs for this rating?
  • Not sure
  • Yes, count it with other game modes
  • No, keep 2v2 separate

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Accounts or profiles?

Players often have several Clash Royale accounts. Should the GTR be independent for each account? Or should we consider the best results of a player regardless of the player tag?

At the moment, most GT and PoL rank profile badges are independent for each account. In contrast, CRL results and Ladder History badges are applied to all the accounts of a player.

The simplest framing for this topic would be: is it better to have a ranking of accounts? Or a ranking of players?

What should GTR be based on?
  • Not sure
  • Clash Royale accounts
  • Player profiles

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If rating is based on player profiles, should banned accounts count?
  • Not sure
  • No, exclude banned accounts
  • Yes, as long as they passed the ToS check for that GT

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Do you like our Ladder History feature?

There are clear similarities between the Ladder History leaderboard and GTR: both have the goal of unifying a lot of results into a single score and ranking. Do you find Ladder History useful and relevant? Do you think it accurately represents who the best ladder players have been?

Is the Ladder History Leaderboard a good system to find the best ladder players?
  • Not sure
  • Yes, it’s the best way to see who are the all-time best ladder players
  • No, there are better ways to rank ladder players

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The Ladder History Leaderboard gives an advantage to players who can finish in the top with several accounts. Do you consider this a feature or a bug?
  • Not sure
  • Bad, as most players who only compete with one account are at a disadvantage
  • Good, finishing high with multiple accounts is very challenging and this bonus reflects the merit

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Rank or score?

This GTR leaderboard would most likely be paired with a new profile badge. This gives us two options:

  • display the rank of the player in the leaderboard
  • display the Global Tournament Rating

The main advantage of the first is that it directly provides a simple way to see how good a player is. You wouldn’t need to compare their rating with others to see if they are among the best. Seeing “#100” let’s you know this is the 100th best player in Global Tournaments. This kind of badge would most likely be capped for a specific number of players, either 1K or 10K.

In contrast, a rating is more engaging and dynamic. Players would be able to see how their rating increases as they obtain better GT results. Rating badges could be displayed for many more players, although that would make this badge less exclusive. Setting a minimum rating for it to be displayed is also an option.

What would you prefer to be displayed in the badge?
  • Not sure
  • Rank in the leaderboard
  • GT Rating

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In the previous polls we listed the options that seemed the most reasonable to us. Did we miss something that you consider important? Let us know below!

I have many accounts but I don’t think the gtr should be based on player profiles because it gives a big advantage for player with multi-accounts


One of our leading options consists on taking the X best ranks and calculate the score based on that.

So having more accounts would give you more chances in a way, but it shouldn’t be a direct advantage. I.e. Finishing #1 in one GT and #2 in another would be the same as #1 and #2 in the same GT. But once you have more than X finishes, having more accounts isn’t an advantage anymore.

pls make the crowns feature for below top 50 because when there are usually 100 ppl sitting on 20 wins with 4 losses each its hard to understand where you sit in this due to not knowing their crowns.

Global Tournaments are managed by Supercell.

What’s being discussed here is something different, completely independent to anything you’d find inside the game.

yall seriously need to get rid of these stupid alt accounts in these gts. like most of the accounts in the top 100 are literally just alts. so lame


In the survey, what’s the difference between normal GTs and competitive GTs?

Normal GTs are the ones that have normal battles.

Competitive GTs include other game modes in which RNG isn’t significantly worse. We’d still have to decide which are the ones that we would label as so, but some examples are:

  • mini collection
  • mega draft

Some that clearly aren’t competitive:

  • normal draft
  • triple draft
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Dear Supercell, I think the barbarian hut should be reworked when no one uses it anymore (0%):

  • When used, barbarian hut will only have a certain time to create barbarians. During that time, the barbarian hut will not automatically lose HP like buildings in the current game. After the timer expires, the barbarian hut will no longer work, but the barbarian hut will remain.
    -After the enemy destroys the barbarian hut, one barbarian will be created (as currently)
    => That will make the barbarian hut last for a while longer instead of losing health over time, creating a little more time for allies, making the barbarian hut more useful.
  • In return, I think we should reduce the barbarian hut’s HP by about “3%-5%” to prevent this rework from being too overwhelming.
  • If possible, can it also be applied to spear goblin hut and furnace?

*A little aside, can the developer edit the following cards like this:

  • Rage: this is a very strong card, having more than 20% usage in every arena. Should rework:
  • Buff damage: 35% → 30%
  • Duration: 6 seconds → 7 seconds
  • Tornado: a very strong card but depends a lot on skills, so damage should be reduced to warn players:
  • Damage: -12%
  • Add new: Can not cause damage to crown tower
    -Log: Suitable for all rank levels, used too much. However, nerf damage will make it disappear:
  • length: 11.5 → 11
  • width: 3.9 → 4
  • Pushback: 0.7 → 0.5
  • Magic Archer: he’s just okay, I think we should reduce his damage (which makes people call him trash) and reduce his first hit time (so he can easily trade elixir):
  • Damage: -9%
  • First hit time: 0.8 second → 0.2 second(please)
    -Guards: he is too weak, cannot defend or attack with Skeleton Army or other cards. Needs buffs:
  • Spawn Guards: 3 → 4

Thank the developer if you have read to the end of the article. These are just a few of my thoughts, thanks Supercell.
From Vietnam

Totally agree.

Hi when this update of these gloval tournament rating will came out?

Not sure yet, we are still working on it

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Hi i’m very excited for this new update of GT when this will came out?