University Masters (2nd Edition) - 5000€


Is possible to add this competition on royale api?

Ok, we’ll look into it. Do you have links for the event bracket and results?

The games are played 2 days ago in this clan.

Quarter finals (Daviderooney and Raiyan already in semifinals)
Wyze 2-0 MKS Dragon
ItzMatteo 2-0 Ares

DavideRooney 2-0 ItzMatteo
Wyze 2-0 Raiyan

3-4 place
ItzMatteo 2-1 Raiyan

Wyze 2-1 DavideRooney

Prize (2500€ not 5000€, there was 2 games, clash royale and rocket league)

  1. Wyze 1150€
  2. DavideRooney 700€
  3. ItzMatteo 400€
  4. Raiyan 200€
    5-6. Ares - MKS Dragon

I can’t send the full rulebook here so a I send you screenshots


Tell me if it’s enough please, the organisers don’t have link of the bracket, because the game was player in LAN.

Thank you

Ok, thanks, I think this should be enough

For your info, the marches between

ares - ItzMatteo
Raiyan - ItzMatteo

Were played offlive, so you cannot fount them in the live.

You can check the official site here: University Master - Clash Royale

and all the rules with the prizepool here: (prizepool page 3, rules from page 12).

official Instagram account of the event: 2WATCH University Master (@universitymaster.2w) • Instagram photos and videos

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