"Unfair Advantage" Special Gamemode

A mode where both players have lvl 1 decks but whichever unit is placed in the first slot is level 20. Hog Rider is banned. Towers are level 11

name options for the mode:

  • Unfair Advantage
  • Pay 2 Win 1v1
  • Level Gap
  • Power Creep
  • Power Struggle
  • Overleveled
  • Rushed TH16

So, Champions, Legendaries, Epics and Rares don’t have a level 1, are they all banned or they get new levels just for this gamemode?
Because if they do that would probably a LOT of work for the devs.
Btw, Power Creep is the best name in my opinion.

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IFF rarities without level 1 were to use stats that they would have if they DID, I believe the dev teams method of achieving this would be to use a formula to calculate the difference in % that would be accumulated, between level 1 and the rarities based level, for stats that change based on level. This formula may already be found in the games code.

Relevant formula that may be in use for determining stats:
y = (m-1)xb + b
y = resulting stat
m = level
x = % increase per level (+10% per level would mean x =0.1)
b = base stat

Now that I’ve written this, I believe I can use it to find the stat for any card at level 1 regardless of rarity. Attempting for my level 12 Golden Knight’s damage stat:
176 = (12-1)0.1b+b
176 = 1.1b + b
160 = b + b
b = 80
Damage for Golden Knight level 1 is 80. If the game operates on this formula, they can alter the troop level up to infinity and still get a 100% accurate result for what the stat should be. This can all be done on the fly and the computer will still calculate properly. One could even use negative numbers and the formula still won’t break!! : D

Using this formula, there could be a troop that increases or decreases in level based on events that occur during the match. These events could be a timer, damage taken, damage delivered, elixir spent, # of spells used. It could also be based on conditions like “while_deployed” “while_being_targeted” “when_hurt” “on_stun” “on_heal” “on_kill” etc.

Supercell, I’m opening to speaking to one of your hiring managers.

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You need to be hired right now.

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