Two decks comparation

I promise this is the last feature request of the day.
Sometimes we do in-clan tournaments and we like to prepare for our opponent - this is not why I would like to see this implemented but that how I thought about it. Royale API provides battles and replays to understand how our opponent plays and even decks used statistics. But I believe that there’s one thing that could be added to improve decks matchmaking understanding.
We have match-up information under each battle, but we are unable to compare to specific decks and get to see if there’s information about it.
I believe it would be useful if we could pick a deck from decks tab from any point of royaleapi and compare it with another deck, maybe even a possibility to customize (adding cards) to both decks and get the match-up information if there was any.

Let’s say I play with some E-Giant variation and I would like to know how my deck handles against a specific variation of Golem at any time, etc.

I hope you can see my point.

That’s planned but it requires some work as infrastructure needs to be in place to prevent botting.