Trying to find player tag

HI I’m searching for my lost accounts clan tag, the accounts name is: The Loser and it isn’t in the top 100 so I don’t know how to find it. Please help

Also I only ever got to around 3000 trophies and I made the account back in 2016/17. I can remember having lvl11/12 elite barbs, idk whether this is any help but just trying to get it back

Sorry but why do you need a clan tag? Are you trying to locate your account and need to find your player tag by account name?

Sorry I meant player tag, my bad

So yes I’m trying to get the player tag through the account name, my mistake for putting clan tag

This is all the records we have:

Unfortunately none of them were my account :confused: would you be able to try and look for THE LOSER idk whether the caps will change anything but could you give it a try?

This is everything:

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