Trophies Balance Changes Explained For this season

To understand this and to go in depth, let see what used to happen and now what is happening. Why are we losing more trophies ?


When I was around 5100, I couldn’t push higher because of facing maxed out players. This is mismatch as I have 10-11 cards. Due to this mismatch I used to lose a minimum of 15 trophies and maximum of 22-24 trophies. { This trophy is reduction is based on my ladder play }

Now, supercell saw this mismatch happening more in in lower arenas. Now level 7( King Level ) should face level 8 or 7 not level 9 or 10. This made difficult for players to progress ahead, even though an increasing number of players crossed 4k but their progression was further halted.


So now this match making is improved (as per Supercell) and their target arenas are 4-10 and help some of the level 9 and 8 above 4000 trophies.

But how does it make sense with players losing more trophies ? ( Range : 0-6000)

As, per Supercell a lot of players crossed 4k but couldn’t move ahead due to reasons stated above. The ‘stuck’ factor certainly made people quit the game and thus, the management was not happy to see it either. So, now losing match a will make you lose around 25-30 (depending on arena). So, this basically means you will find it hard to progress like before but once you reach 4000 trophies you will be more skilled with your deck than anyone who crossed it before this change. Overall, it is creating a situation where emphasis is on increasing skill level of players in their respective preferred decks.

But now you get mismatched, you are doomed as you will lose more trophies due to issues out of your control.

What about trophy range (4000-6000) ?

So, the conventional trophy pushing won’t be easy this season, as the amount of trophies you lose will be more, obviously but reaching 7k is reality ?

There is no reason, you can’t but being semi-pro reaching around 7k will be quite good. There is possibility players will cross 7k but it all depends, where does it the season reset take you, if you are deep or below 5.5k, it becomes a bit harder for as you are losing more and sometimes for than you win.

Overview :

You are being punished for being poor and it makes ladder for interesting but at the same time don’t play ladder causally. What will happen to ladder ? Now, ladder makes people now think how they wanna approach ahead because 30+ trophies is a lot to lose its not fair to everyone but ladder will be more skilled and touching 7k this season will be godly and don’t get disheartened if you don’t, a normal trophy balance is there after reaching 6k as per last seasons.

I like this change, as it not only makes ladder fun but a possibility of seeing players play ‘skill’ decks in the early trophy range. Although, don’t expect E-Sports team to lower their requirements so early as well. The best thing they have done in this season’s balances changes.

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