Track Win/Loss Rate In POL

Players of Clash Royale stand to gain a lot from keeping track of their win/loss percentage. First off, it aids in understanding one’s own performance and pointing out opportunities for development. This knowledge can be used to improve play methods and tactics, making for a more satisfying and fruitful game experience. Second, keeping track of a player’s win/loss percentage might reveal information about their level of overall competition and where they stand among other Clash Royale players before they reach Ultimate Champion. Finally, by allowing players to follow their progress and consider how their decisions have affected their outcomes, measuring win/loss rate can encourage a sense of accountability. Players may take their games more seriously and work harder to accomplish their objectives as a result.

Not possible — at least this is not possible for everyone anyway. And since we’re a site that has millions of users, this cannot be done unless it is done on Supercell’s die.

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