Thonon Gaming Fest

Date: 2022-04-30 to 2022-05-01
Prize pool: 800€

  • 1st: 500€
  • 2nd: 200€
  • 3rd: 100€

Link: Les tournois – Thonon Gaming Fest

Yes, I’ve seen that page, but I don’t think it contains anything that would help us verify the results.

And the listed live streams channel doesn’t have any recent VODs available.

Okay, my name is Fr29 and I am french, please excuse my bad english

I was at this competition, the cashprize was 800$ each day because clash royale decided to double it (500$ for p1, 200$ p2 and 100$ p3)
I don’t know if the competition’s twitter is gonna tweet about clash royale result but the caster Ouahleouff (@Ouahleouff_Just) was at this competition and I think he could give you all the 6 cash prize winner (3 each day).

Personnaly I only went saturday and won, Clash royale contact me to get my bank account and I don’t know if only the payment we are gonna receive is gonna be enough to help you garantueed we are the good winners.

Ok, is there a clan tag in which battles were played?
Could you provide a list of the top4 or top8 players with their player tags?

It was only ingame tournament, I have the screenshot of my tournament, I can try to find the sunday tournament if you want.

I send you the first tournament result for the moment and will send the second when I will get it from a player who played on sunday

Player tag :
:black_small_square::sparkles:Fr29​:sparkles::black_small_square: / #2CURUV882
NesTea / #GL2PPL29
☆Walix☆ / #JJCLGQGJ
Zapy / #9YUUVJ08G

could it be this?

Here are day 2 results :

:heart:Crise Light​:heart: / #2V92RCY
Senpaï Rekt / #9RPJ22VL
Zapy / #9YUUVJ08G
big ouf / #9UR9GPCQ

If you need more informations, I am here for you

No, this is a qualification tournament,
Qualification tournament were name #1, #2, … until 8 and final tournament were #finale

Great, I think we now have enough information to add the event

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