Supercell fault

Hello! I was unfairly suspended from the game, could you help me with that or not?

We can’t help with game bans. But if you can give a lot details (screenshots, explanation, context, etc) and the reasoning is valid then we can see if we can give you some support on your behalf. That said, in 99% of the cases we have come across, the bans are valid and we likely can’t help you.

If you insist, you can post your details here. Give as much info as you can.

Thank you, the details I have are not very useful, I wanted to recover an account from 4 years ago and I made a mistake when entering the information since I found another account with the same name as mine and that is why I got confused, they banned me for 31 days for “identity theft”, which I did not do, I simply made a mistake in putting the data, thanks to your page now I have the correct data but I can not recover my account due to the ban, if that helps keep me informed, thank you.

You can’t just keep on trying out player search to guess the account. Our player search is not intended for that use.

Okay thanks for the help.