Supercell email address changed

Sometime ago, someone had changed my Supercell email address in Clash Royale. When I tried to change it back, it was not happening. I don’t know how did he change without receiving the code etc. Now I have been logged out from my account and not able to login back to my account. I have all the details necessary to prove that I am the owner of the account. Can anyone please help me. I have sent mails to them but they only say use the in-game support. But the in-game support is just an automated response and it is not solving my issue. It asks for the supercell codes which I don’t have because I couldn’t enable the account protection(because the email id was changed by that hacker). Can anyone please directly communicate this to Supercell and help me get my account back. Or if you could help me get in direct contact with them, that would also be really helpful.