Suggestions to improve Level One deck search!


I was looking for a good deck to use on my level 1 account and had some ideas that might be useful to improve deck search.

Suggestion #1:
Since level one is an integral part of the ladder unlike Party and Challenge modes, I think it could be useful to add a way to set a trophy range in Level One deck search like in classic Ladder (see pictures), so it would be easier to find decks that work well in higher leagues.

Suggestion #2:
I guess that has already been suggested, but what about a “real-time” level 1 leaderboard ?

Suggestion #3:
Update trophy ranges. For example, you can still search for 0-4000 trophies battles, but you can’t search for current Grand Champion (7300), Royale Champion (7600) and Ultimate Champion (8000) leagues.

Thanks for reading! :grin:
Sorry if I made some language mistakes or if it was difficult to understand =)

Edit: (Note) For suggestion #3, you can actually search for these new trophy ranges by editing links.
For example, in the link below, you can set custom trophy ranges by replacing “0” and “10000” by any number you want, but it would be easier if we could do it directly with the website’s filters!

There are simply not enough battle data to support a trophy range search. If we implement trophy range for Level Ones then what good would it be to have 10-12 battles?

Real time leaderboard requires us to be checking player trophies round the clock. this is doable if all the level 1 players just use the site to update trophies, OR if we have a limited set of players that we track. The last time we have opened a doc for people who are interested, only 32 players reply. We can certainly track 32 players in real-time but it won’t actually be very competitive.

Thanks for reminding me to update it. I can certainly update that.

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This i now live.

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Thank you for replying so fast!

I’m following players from the Level 1 Leaderboard to find decks but they aren’t all active or they use cards I don’t have
I also tried to find using deck search decks excluding cards that I don’t have, but I feel like they aren’t played in the higher leagues (for example the first one looks really weird)
So I thought having a filter to find popular decks used above 5300-5600 trophies might be helpful, even if there is only a few battles for each deck :sweat_smile:

Oh okay I understand :grin: I actually replied to the doc but I wondered if I could get updated on the situation!

Thank you :heart: