Stolen Supercell ID

Hi ! It’s been almost a week since my Supercell ID was stolen. I thereby lost access to all of my accounts (clash royale, clash of clans, brawlstar and squad buster). I was especially playing clash royale and my tag is #88P20VR2Q. A hacker got into my email address, connected to supercell id with my login info, then changed the email adress. I contacted in-game support and followed every steps. The problem I’m facing is that at some point in the automatic conversation, the robot asks me for my “recovery code” which I don’t have. I also send severely requests on the website support, and every time I had an automatic response saying I have to use the in-game support. I also tried the “report a player” conversation saying the account with this tag is mine and has been stolen, but I don’t see them doing something… Is there still a way for me to get it back ?

how did he got access to your email address at the first place? And did you ever activated passcode on your supercell id for recovery

Hi ! Thanks for the answer. Idk if I activated it or not, I created the account years ago, I don’t remember.

As for the email, idk how he got access, it’s a hacker. I saw him using my email address to connect to a lot of websites, probably in search of a way to make money out of it… I’m guessing he used a program to crack my password.