Stats of player win loss location

Bulilding a case of rigged matchmaking and fraud by supercell. I need all stats based on locations only,

  1. We don’t have location-based stats.
  2. Location is considered private data by Supercell
  3. If you want to build your own stats, you can use the official API, available here:

So what you are saying is they allow access to data of all players but not stats that prove rigged matchmaking ?

What does location of a player have to do with rigged mm???

Players in certain locations are given advantages in matchmaking, game is based in card values then location. Thanks for supporting that by confirming supercell won’t give out stats based on am entire region.

Supercell doesn’t give out stats. Like I said, if you want to access what information that Supercell gives out, use the official API.