Stats and information about Cannoneer and Tower Troops

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bro cannoneer need a buff its to slow and and it has very little life :sob::sob:


Yeah I think everybody will use the Princess

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The animation hides some of the troops. Pls fix this supercell. In OJ’s video when a swarm us being atacked the kinda fireball dust animation hides other cards in thiz caese minon hord.

the concept of tower troops being added to clash royale is fundamentally flawed and i would hate to see any added to the game unless they suck balls as much as the current cannoneer does, so everyone will stick with princess anyways. with tower troops, they’re on the arena for the whole game, everything revolves around them. this means if there’s ever a broken tower troop it will disrupt the entire meta, and you’ll have to use so many resources following the tower troop meta or you’ll struggle to win any games. also match up differences will be more polarised and there’ll be more free wins and instant losses just because of ur deck. if a regular card is overlevelled, broken, or hard counters your deck there’s always ways to outcycle it or strategise around it. with tower troops tho, they’re there for the entire duration of the game. everyone is used to the princess tower interactions and having to adjust everythign around new tower troops is an uneccesary and difficult thing to force the entire player base to do. the only way for this to work is if all the tower troops are just gimmicks used in events and never viable in ladder. i dont see why super cell would want to release this feature that no one asked for, it will never be fun or interesting and can only negatively impact enjoyment. the only thing tower troops will do is make everyone feel like they lost the moment they saw the opponents tower troop after every loss.

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I strongly agree with you, these will be fun only in special challenges and events other than that it’s useless and helps make the game worse. Especially with the tower troops chest being completely useless I got one and recieved 16 common tower princess cards with no gold at all that’s even a lot worse than free wooden chests when they were in the game

I just hope that the tower troops aren’t released too often and are balanced. What I worry is that the tower troop acts as a 9th card and make all decks too good that no one can really attack.

I think the cannoneer is so good that it can be considered OP. Its only weakness is swarm cards, but spells would easily take care of them. The cannoneer basically solves the problem for cycle decks and decks that depend on counterattack by making the impossible defense. (ex: splashyard, miner, hog, royale giant). Each of these decks are good against swarms because: splashyard (a lot of spells and splash cards), miner (fast cycle + delivery), hog (firecracker), royale giant (mother witch). The cannoneer is too good against most of the troops.

Other than DPS, the important difference is the maximum sight mentioned. The other cannoneer will be able to hit the heavy tank pulled by a building, however, other fellow troops may not get hit by both towers. I think it’ll be still good because the fellow troops can’t do anything if the tank dies.

I got a tower troop chest last season and my muscle memory caused me to open it without thinking.

Has anyone saved that chest and opened it after the update? Did you (and can you) get Cannoneer cards from that chest?

I did the same thing, only to read a couple of days later a tweet from the CR social media team that it would be a good idea to save the chest to be opened once the new season begins.

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Just checked my chest cycle and I have another one coming up in 4 chests

Let’s break this down.

KL14 players get a 184 Chest Cycle which takes 1473 hours or 2.04 months to unlock.
KL14 players will now get a Tower Troop Chest in 1 of every 7 chests.

One 184 Chest Cycle will yield 26.3 Tower Troop Chests.
1 in every 4 Tower Troop Chest will contain Epic Tower Troops.

In one 365 calendar year, KL14 players can expect to obtain
2321.5 Common Tower Troop cards
773.8 Epic Tower Troop cards

So, summing it all up, in one 365 calendar year, KL14 players can max out
0.2 Common Tower Troop cards
1.8 Epic Tower Troop cards

If SC keeps adding Common Tower Troop cards, you clearly see how this resource drop rate is ludicrously problematic. Much like the Update For Losers and Evolutions Update, SC is severely choking progression while increasing the grind to obtain less rewards, while simultaneously extending the finish line.

If they buff canooneer to have splash damage… make sure it doesn’t splash against large size troops… just small and maybe medium… so it doesn’t reck beat down anymore than so… just swarm cards.

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I got the elite Cannonner and I have been playing with it non stop. I believe its a fun card. Can one shot firecrackers, spirits, and other who dies by spell. But once the first tower is destroyed, the remaining cannoneer tower doesn’t even bother to save the king tower while it is getting destroyed !!

Slow shot speed is a one thing to adjust but the sight range left to right or right to left is also very short. You cannot expect to shot with both tower with defensive buildings placed in the middle in front of king tower.

I opened 8 troop chest and i dont get cannoner yet, how is this posible? i am very indignant