Sponsorship questions

Hello Support, I am Teo (COO of Ak Syndicate).

Since I’ve been away for a while isn’t connections within supercell have faded and I don’t have any contacts so I’m contacting support.

With the new CRL coming in, me and my organization have been open to sponsoring players for the upcoming CRL in the new year.

With this being said, how will all of this work? The CEO and I, and our sponsors are open to buying accounts or giving accounts to our players and even new players that we bring in but, will this be allowed? Would we be able to give accounts and not log into them, or even buy accounts for our players and nobody else logs into them except our sponsored players?

Hopefully you guys can help, thank you as always, Teo.

We are not Supercell and cannot answer questions like these. You should contact in-game support instead.

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