Sparky - Rework and Evolution concept - March 2024

Hey there, I will be sharing my sparky rework ideas. Sparky is only viable in a few decks and has been shifting out of the meta for quite some time, we will try to make it more versatile whilst trying to keep its identity. I will also share my ideas for an evolution Sparky. Enjoy! :smiley:

Sparky Rework:

  1. New abilities:
  • Sparky is a Zap Pack!

Sparky now behaves like the electro giant, when attacked Sparky will damage and stun any troops within close range at the cost of her charges (1 charge = 5 zap attacks).

  • Lightning Rod.:zap:

Electric attacks now charge Sparky instead of resetting her. The amount of charge will depend on damage dealt (1 zap spell = 1 charge, 1 lightning spell = 3 charges)
Sparky will still get damaged and stunned resetting the delay for her to shoot

  • Sparky shots stun and resets troops.

Like any other electric damage, sparky shots will reset charges (prince, ram-rider, inferno tower, ect…)

  1. Buffs:

+10% hp, Sparky is now much easier to reset to allow her to make the most of her Zap Pack her hp should be increased.

+10% damage, Sparky shots will become harder to get as resetting is easier, her shots should reward her protection.

NB: Exact numbers to be tweaked.

Interesting interaction: in a mirror matchup sparkies would instantly charge up each other.

Evolution Sparky (3 cycles):

  1. Evo abilities:
  • Energy shield:
    When Sparky reaches 3 charges she creates an electric bubble around her covering the area of her Zap Pack granting her a large amount of damage reduction (80%). Projectiles hitting the bubble directly damage Sparky but some is absorbed by her shield in exchange of some of her charge (Shield takes 80% of incoming damage, Sparky takes 20%). The energy shield goes down once Sparky reaches 0 charge. Ally troops standing close to Sparky are protected as long as the shield stays up.

  • Overcharge:
    After reaching 3 charges Sparky will overcharge turning each charges from blue to purple (super-charges) up to a maximum of 3 super-charges. Sparky can shoot anytime she has a purple charge, but does devastating damage if she is fully overcharged (3 supercharges) doing triple the damage of a normal shot.

  1. Evo Buffs:
    +15% hp, Evo Sparky will be taking a lot more damage as her shield will cover a large area, she will probably need extra hp to survive it.
    - 0.5s/charge, Evo Sparky will charge faster as her shield will consume a lot of them.