Some information is not showed (clan war 2 history or battles)

I have a little questions about information showed in royaleapi

I always use your page to see clan wars 2 history when someone wants to join us. But sometimes, there is not information about them, or information is incomplete, or is not true

Some examples:

  1. Player without any clan wars 2 history. In this case, if we look for clan wars battles, we can find battles in some clans. But they are not in clan wars 2 history (into home info tag)

  2. Players show 4 weeks with 0 points in clan wars.
    We found a player who asked to join us. He was in our clan some time ago. When i opened clan wars 2 history, it showed some weeks in our clan with 0 points. It is impossible, we would never have a player so many weeks without playing.

When you see a player battle history, all battles are not showed. There are a lot of holes in battles.
For example, you can see a lot of battles of today, and the next one is 3 days ago. Impossible for a player that each day plays in clan wars and ladder

It happens too when you choose an especific battle type. There are a lot of battles losed between several days

I suppose it is impossible for you, because you take information from Supercell servers.
But, did you realize about it?

Clan Wars 2 History depends on someone having visited a clan’s war page. If no one has ever visited that clan before, we don’t go out of our way to fetch the results. There are millions of clans in the game, and it’s not a good use of our resources to do that — not to mention that each request counts towards our rate limits. As a Supercell partner, our rate is high, but not unlimited. So we only use what we need.

The API only returns the last 25 battles from any player. Battle History of a player is saved when they use our site — or if someone visit their battle logs. Anything beyond the last 25 battles are simply saved from before. The same as clan war history, we don’t go out of our way to fetch battles from every known player in the world — it simply is not possible. We know of about 60 million player tags. To cover every player would mean that we have to fetch all the battles every 60 minutes — that’s 1 million battle logs to fetch every minute — our system is not designed to handle that load, and that will quickly exhaust our request limit, which has other functions.

It’s not possible to fetch battle history from supercell servers — they in fact delete battles after those last 25. We have battle history simply because we use our storage to save the battles as they are fetched, then use them to compute meta analysis. (which btw is enormous and super expensive as is)

TL;DR Player battle history depends on if the player access their own battle log (or if someone else accesses them). It will not be complete for a random player in the wild.