Solving Clash Royale 1 Step at a Time. 1 card decks

If 2 super intelligent AIs are friendly battling, and they both have 1 card decks with the same card, which decks will not end in a tie?

For example something like elixir pump vs elixir pump is definitely going to end in a tie, cuz no one can get damage. Something like ice spirit will end in a tie because if played perfectly on both sides no one will get damaged. Something like zap/fireball will end in a tie because both players will cycle them the same amount.

I’m thinking Graveyard and Skelly King might not end in a tie because of RNG (even if the super intelligent AIs can know the order the skeletons will spawn in, they can’t control it, which may result in one player winning)

There may also be cards that because of true red true blue, one player will win every time.


Battle healer. Although they heal a lot, at some point, healers start to be killed and eventually one side wins. This is proven in videos where both sides spawn massive amounts of healers but then one loses.

Hmm good thinking, but I am not sure it necessarily means one side can force a win. I think its very possible the other side could just force a draw with smart placements & timings

Probably all spawn-on-tower have this: miner, goblin barrel, goblin drill…

Monk and Princess as well due to unavoidable damage