Slash Royale, Level 15 and Upgrades without gold - Clash Royale 2023 Q2 Update

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I very much like the way Supercell is taking the update. I wasn’t happy with hearing there’d be a level 15, so hearing that it’s gold free is very relieving to hear. I started playing 2 months after the lvl 14 update so I don’t k it much about slash Royale, but it seems like it will be very helpful!

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Everything seems alright on paper…
but supercell has done us dirty with level 14 before so I’m not going to raise my expectations yet…
I do hope that this update actually helps f2p and casual players to max out their collections

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Great update overall! Didn’t expect the DEVs to listen as well as they did! overall to sum up the update, it easier for players top upgrade while keeping ladder bellow level 14, good for alts and people who play casual! (Like the idea of evolutions as well!)

Are elite wild cards only generated for cards that are actually lvl 14 or will this also work for lower leveled cards with a full card stack?

Will we be able to request cards in clan that have a full card stack or are upgraded to lvl. 14 to get elite wild cards?

I dont relly understand how you get tbe wold cards. But sounds ok. Im reddy yo leave rhd gamd if tbey mess up agian

Simply put, if you’ve already maxed out a card and get more of the same card (i.e. in a chest, trade, donations, etc), instead of getting gold like you used to it just converts into elite wild cards.
Hope this helps

I would not get my hopes up. Slash royale last time was an absolute scam because everyone had spent their gold and couldn’t afford level 14 cards, so I would save up some gold in case card evolution costs most gold.

Hey, will the elite wild cards be in the season shop for gold? Or will it be in the regular shop for a gem/gold offer. Also, I am wondering if this will affect gameplay in arena 18, where most players have maxed cards.