Skip The Match

. Well , I Don’t Like To Say But In Clan Wars 2 There Is A Problem When Attempt On Other Events Which Not Include Boat Battle , Some Of Us Just Skip And Leave The Match Won/Lose Easily . So What’s The Problem ?

Don’t understand what you are saying. Please describe the issue in more details, and add screenshots to make it understandable.

You Can Simply Understand Like This :
-When Playing Anymatch That Isn’t Boat Battle In Clan War (Example : Elixir Capture) , You May Encounter People Who Just Sit There And Wait For Defeated And Easily Gain Medal (Half I Guess)

I Believe he means that many people don’t play the match of clan wars and purposely lose to end the battle fast and even though purposely losing and not playing, they and their clan is rewarded with 100 fame(which we get when we loose a clan war match)

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Ok, and what is your issue with this? What affects you as a player if someone intentionally lose their matches?

By the way, if English is not your first language, feel free to write in your own language and I will use Google Translate and/or find some help from our translators.