Skill level of a deck

I love your website. One thing that’s lacking is the skill level of a deck. I may be asking for a feature that is already installed. If it is, can you direct me to it?

And how do you determine that?

I guess if the deck contains Elixir Golem it would automatically be 0%? I guess the easiest way would be to assign certain values to cards or card combinations, that add up to, or are subtracted from the according skill level and thus add up to the skill score of the deck.

But of course it is a highly subjective system no matter how you do it, so it is not viable to state something factual, really.

And what determines that? What you’re proposing has serious subjective implications and will not be able to sustain in the long term. Deck and card meta has propelled certain cards to be “low” to “high skilled” depending on the year. Some players will insist that Golem or X-Bow is low-skilled, while stats wise and how under-represented they are in competitive would suggest the otherwise.

We will not implement a feature that brings more questions, serves to divide the user base, and does not actually offer much value.

Yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding there, but I literally said the same thing. It was not my feature suggestion, I just pointed out how it might work. I did not imply that I even want such a feature, so I do not really care. Just saying that it would be possible if you compare the results of a player with the average results of the community playing with specific cards, card combinations and/or decks. Sorry if this made you lose it, I was just trying to help and discuss a bit.