Show average daily score instead of weekly

I often use your tools to check clan war stats, and it’s a big help when leading a clan, so first of all, thank you for your huge service to the war-community!
I’m suggesting a change from weekly average to daily average (excluding Colosseum).

During the day, it’s tough to make sense of the score because clans will have played a different amount of battles, therefore a calculation of the average is a great tool. I’m asking if you could show the daily average for a quick look at our current standing. Right now, it displays the weekly average, which isn’t crucial when the earlier days don’t affect the current one. On the fourth day, the weekly average is irrelevant as people want to see which clan is leading today, not a prediction based on three days of war.

When war results are so random, a calculation based on 1-4 days won’t tell us much, unless it’s Colosseum where it adds up.

The idea of predicting the end score with a weekly average is great if clans would score similarly each day, but in my league (4000+), that’s rarely the case. For example, if an opponent clan misses 30 battles on the first day, their average score gets messed up for the rest of the week, even if they then beat you the next three days, their average will still be lower.

Most users want a quick and easy overview when using your tools, and I think a daily average is more useful for most clans in high leagues where the scores are so close.
Weekly average may be good in lower leagues where clans never use all battles, but I don’t think your clan war tools should be catered towards lower ranked clans since these are probably not the ones who cares about war and therefore not the ones using your tools.

So, I’m suggesting a change from weekly average to daily average (excluding Colosseum). I hope you will consider changing it or at least show both so I don’t have to make the calculations myself anymore.