Send messages to the clan chat via API


I am the leader of a Clash Royale clan. To improve the engagement especially in the river wars, we try to find out which members of the clan are active or not. I want this to kind of automate; especially I want to send a summary of the engagement (e.g. best 3 players) or something like that to strengthen the clan.

Therefore it would be great if I can send chat messages to my clan by an external script, which checks the current engagement and send it as a brief summary into the chat, where we then promote or degrade players.

I don’t understand what you want us to do here. A summary of performance is potentially doable (though parameters would need to be defined). But we won’t be able to “send chat messages” — there are so many messaging services and it would be insane to try to integrate with all.

Are you perhaps looking for a chunk of text that you can copy and paste?