Seeking Permission To Reuse RoyaleAPI Media For Articles


I’m a writer for MobileMatters. We write about Clash Royale news as well as about other mobile games. I noticed that you updated your media policy recently. Prior to this change, we used RoyaleAPI media in our articles to write about the new Battle Banners and Cosmetics. We’ve mostly used them for guide material and didn’t distribute them elsewhere, nor have we used the media as our article thumbnails.

So that being said, I wanted to seek permission to use RoyaleAPI media on our website. I will ensure that the images are unedited, original blog posts are linked to, and credits are given to RoyaleAPI.

Thank you,

Please provide a link to an existing article where our images are used and we’ll take a look and make a decision.

Here is an example: Clash Royale: November (Season 41) Battle Banners | MobileMatters

Unfortunately, we can’t allow reuse for articles about season cosmetics, especially with the example of use that you have provided.

I would like to also state that even in the previous version of the Media Usage, you are required to link back to the original article, so please do that for all of your previous articles if you wish to keep them.

Moving forward though, please don’t post any more of these season cosmetics articles with our assets in the future.

Understandable, will do. Thanks for your time