Season Shop Buying Guide in Clash Royale

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Funnily enough, I’m a mix “underleveled” and “level 14 optimizing value”. I am currently a level 14 player (KL46) and I have a good amount of level 14 cards. (23) The thing is that in April or May I changed my deck from one variant of PEKKA Ram Rider, to a, what I believe is a stronger variant, so since then I’ve been levelling up the cards in that deck so I can start using it on ladder. (Currently arena 19) (3 level 14’s. 5 level 13’s)

I’m also trying to collect EWC’s so I can get some of my fav cards in the deck (like PEKKA and Ewiz) to level 15. It’s a little easier to collect EWC’s, especially because I have at least 1 level 14 from every rarity, but it’s still tough, especially after that EWC conversion rework. So this chart could help with that, but because I don’t get EWC overflow for buying these items I’ll stick with prioritizing my deck upgrade.

Currently I have 2 evolutions, skeletons and mortar. My friends always asked why I decided to evolve skeletons and I always say I thought they’d be the most evergreen, but to tell you the truth I wish I chose barbarians instead… That’s why I’m trying to evolve them now, so I’ll hopefully get them in the evolved state in a month or two, depending on how generous SC is in the future with Wild Shards.

I am an F2P Player, and have somehow got only my Level 14 Mirror to EWC Progress 10029/50000. I do not even know whether I can complete my first ever Elite Level Upgrade in this year. And still there is no Book of Champions in the game. And Champion Wild Cards cannot be got from Chests. It seems to be even harder to get Champions than getting EWCs. And Supercell also removed the 35000 Season Tokens Champion from the shop. I have not still unlocked the Mighty Miner (which has such a high usage rate now), but I am Arena 18. I have unlocked all other cards except this. This is the condition of the Clash Royale Progression System.

Have you unlocked all the 109 Cards???

Yes I have, unless you count evolutions as independent cards, then I still have 3 to go. :scream:

I have 4 maxxed cards, evo skellies and basically no EWCs. I live in pain.

If I list a Evo I have in Valentine promo what do I receive instead of Evo and would that be a smarter option