Searching accounts by names

Need help give me way to look for all the profiles with tha name prime I am trying to recover my account

@prime Sorry but we really don’t provide this service.

Well then atleast increase the number of displayed results from 100 to 500 or 1000

We don’t do this to prevent botting. The purpose of the search is to help people quickly look up an account, not to be an exhaustive search engine.

But can’t you allow these features with human verification because remembering the player id becomes too hectic and when someone has lost their account and want to look up to check the player tag so that they can contact supercell to ask for recovery by answering recovery questions. Maybe atleast you could give filter options in the search tab, like puting account age, lvl, etc.

Our database is not complete. We only know about accounts that we know about. We know of hundreds of millions of accounts but are in no way exhaustive. Looking up this info for you takes manpower. We don’t want to make it a habit of doing this work.

You are not the only one who has asked for this. We have handled way too much of such requests — and in most cases, it simply doesn’t give satisfactory results.

I am willing to do you a favor and perform one search for you. So if you give me your player name then I will send you the list.

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here ya go:

Thank you for this I will try looking into them and search for my account. Thanks a lot