Royale Api App

I request for an App of

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We are limited by resources.

We spend our time creating amazing features and it would require a full-time engineer to make an app. We don’t have the luxury to do that right now. Perhaps in the future!

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I do not use Creator code, however even though it is a maybe I will now because I would also like to see Royale API in the Google Play store

Hi, im an engineering student,
and i could help developing an Android app, its not that hard with just few funcionality, maybe more features to add in the future but for the moment, i could develop a pretty complete app.
I dont know if you actually have a public API or i could proceed with just java webscraping. I have already developed another apps.
If you’re interested, tell me.

Don’t scrape or site. Thanks.

Just asking for help or advice, not actually doing that if you tell me so.