Resource Planner

I am not sure where to post suggestions, so here you go:

It would be great to have a resource planner tool. Basically where players could see how much gold, trade tokens, and cards they need to max one of their deck. New players don’t realize how big of a commitment maxing a deck requires and very few do the math correctly in Excel.


The gold and cards required to max something is currently in the player cards screen. You ca see an example of it here:

We can obviously tweak this a bit to make it more user friendly. This was a feature that has been around since 3 years ago and we haven’t updated it for a while because it also doesn’t get used very often.

But thanks for the feedback! In the future, just create a new topic in the support category.

Thanks for the link! I hadn’t seen that feature.

I could see this being useful in the context of a player’s deck. For example having the option to see from this screen how much resource the player has missing (in cards and gold) to max the deck.

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