Request: Top 10k Deck Matchup Stats

top 200/top 1k sample pool is way too small to work even for some popular decks.
while statistics of low level newbies who don’t have their cards maxed doesn’t make any sense.
top 10k seems to be the perfect sweetspot for most experienced players.
also top 20 matchup often fail to cover some meta decks.
at least top 30 should work better.

Hi @windias Thanks for your suggestion regarding expanding the range for matchup. Unfortunately, unlike Ladder top 1k, there is currently no method to reliably get all the battles from players who are ranked.

If you are unfamiliar with how we access the data from Supercell, there is only an endpoint to see the leaderboard for the top 1000 players in the world. In turn, while we can use that data to fetch all of the battles from those players, there isn’t way to get all of the Ladder battles for the top 10000 players — unless there is a leaderboard for top 10000 players.

What you need to understand is that unlike Supercell, we can’t access their database directly so things that are logically doable on their side is not necessarily doable on our side due to constraints about how data can be accessed.

Let me know if this is clear.

Also, welcome to RoyaleAPI Discuss!

thanks for replying! now i understand why there is a ladder 4k+ option. but if that option is possible, there should be a similar approach if we can decide the approximate number of trophies to enter top 10000 right? and deciding that seems not quite difficult if it doesn’t have to be absolutely correct and updated. all we really want is a significantly larger pool of “skilled players”.

an alternerive approach is fetching the battles from top 10 or top 20 players from each clan on the clan leaderboard. it’s definitely not top 10k but it is makes a great pool.

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We have a method to map trophies to rank by approximation at any given time. However. You need to know that these fluctuates over time. If now instead of searching 7 days of data, I have to break them out into 1 hour intervals and then merge them together, it gets very expensive (time wise)

We calculate results against millions of battles In real time and return the results to you in an acceptable time frame. And so what is theoretically possible is not going to be the same as what is feasible. Would this be possible if I have unlimited funds? Sure, but who is paying for those servers?

What I can do is instead give you a filter for:

  • Ladder 5000+
  • Ladder 6000+

Realistically, 5000+ is not very meaningful. 6000+ should be decent.