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The last game I played I had a really weird bug happening. Just as I wanted to record the replay, I got the notification a maintenance was going to happen and I couldn’t watch the replay anymore. After the update the replay is unavailable. I know there is a replay function and i’ve used it to try to recreate the bug with 2 devices, however i havent been able to succesfully do so. Is there anyway you are able to make an ingame replay of what happend?

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Replays are not available after maintenances — this is not a bug.

I meant there was a super weird bug happening ingame which i wanted to record. Basically my opponent tornadoed my prince to his bomb tower but the prince ignored the bombtower and went to the princess tower although it was only 0.1tile from the bombtower and 4tiles from the princess tower.

Just when i wanted to see the replay the break happend. Thats why im asking if maybe RoyalApi could recreate the replay. Milo the Great came up with the idea that this is maybe a possibility

We simply convert the replay data into our UI. If the replay is no longer available then we also won’t be able to fetch the replay data.

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