Removing my clan from clan family?

My clan in no longer apart of the 101% Canadian clan family. How do I get that updated in RoyaleApi?

Resubmit a family config with the changes

RoyaleApi / family-config

The immortals are no longer in the 101% Canadian Family. Please remove us.

Ask the family leader to resubmit a config with changes

and if the Family Leader wouldn´t do that?
Is it possible to create a new Clan Family. Would it be a conflict? 1Clan in 2 different Clan Families?
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Just to be clear, you’re wanting your clan removed from one family and added to another?

Thats correct

Please can you join our Discord server and verify yourself with the bot so we know its legitimate request by the clan leader.

Once you’ve verified please tag me on the server. I will then upload a screenshot to this post then you can submit an updated config with your new family + link to this post as verification.

Please let me know if you need any help with the steps.

How do I get an api token to get verified ?

Go ahead and make the config and link to this screenshot a verification.