Removal of team name

My Tag is #RJP08YYR and it shows that I am content creator for Bogan and i want it to be removed as i am no longer part of the team anyone.

@Sparky have you tried using the EDIT button and submit a request? You should only file a support request here if you have waited for a long time and nothing seems to have happened.

i did a week+ back
maybe it could a glitch that it isnt showing to u guys
will request again

@alpe123 can you look into it?

@Sparky actually I figured out the issue. Bogan is a verified team so you would need to contact the administrator of the team to remove from roster.

You can get the contact info here

Actually players can be removed from a team even if it’s verified. The restriction only applies to bee added to one.

Anyway, I’ve made the change in the database and should be live in a few hours.

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Where to search my previous account?