Real hacker emergency!

I was playing with my second account in arena 4 then I met person with 6698trophies. I thought that it’s okay because it’s party.His nicname was twisted circle and his KT was max.
But he used 14000 level hog rider!!! it one punched my infernal tower and 3 crowned mi. So I searched in my battle log to report but there wasn’t log!
So I found in royaleapi but there wasn’t that player! So I am writing this letter.Please stop that hacker.:pray:

What is your player tag? Link me to your battle log please


See? there is nothing in replay.

And which player did you play against? Name?

Where is this level-14000 hog rider?

I am interested in this, if you would be willing to contact me about what happened I would appreciate it. I can be reached on Instagram & Twitter @MilothegreatCR or Milo the great#0001 on Discord

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Name:Twisted circle
Tag: I don’t know. It didn’t appear in battle log.

It’s very weird that battle doesn’t appear in battle log. is real trust me.