Ranked Seasons - Is Your Best Finish Really Your Best?

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I find it quite interesting how this feature gives a really good overview of how trophies have been inflated though time.

You can see this looking at players who were consistently ranked each season during several years. Morten is a great example:

Back in 2016, the best players were barely above 3K trophies. This quickly changed in 2017 with the introduction of leagues.

After that, there was a quite steady inflation until mid-2020; that’s where most players reached their Personal Best, above 8K in many cases. Reduced inflation and other adjustments have later reduced these values.

It’s unclear how the system will develop with the most recent changes. In a few months, it’s possible that players can once again reach new PBs if the current system is maintained and inflation isn’t adjusted again.


I was excited when I saw this content on my profile. But after reading up on it, was a little disappointed. As a player with a max account in a clan with multiple players with max accounts, we have been struggling to find motivation. We have been focused on war, successfully for some time until the CW2 came and wrecked everything. Despite still being top 100 local all of CW2, the western hemisphere penalty keeps us from outpacing eastern global clans.

sorry for getting off path … only a couple of us there are “top 10000” competitive kind of players. but it would be really nice (motivating really) if we could see what our actual ranking is at any given moment. with war being a nuisance (causing so many of our long time players to retire), to be able to mark and track upward movement for those who aren’t top 10,000 would give us something to strive for.

as it is, I can never know if I’m top 25000, 100000, 500000 … so I don’t even really try.

if THAT kind of information could be accessed via profile, that would be really useful.
but as it is, seeing only where I was in the top 300K in 2017 with 4100 trophies isn’t interesting at all.

we love your site. we support it via CR shop. and look forward to more developments.

Clash Royale removed rankings beyond top 10000 a long time ago. I agree that it would be nice to have an expansion in range also. However, this is not something that we can implement on our end. It’s something that Supercell would need to implement.

As I know that they are very busy working on upcoming features, I don’t think that this is the right time for me to request for rank expansion. They did it for a reason — though that reason was never specified.