Rage lasts for 7.5 sec at level 9 and 9.5 sec at at level 13

Rage lasts for 7.5 sec at level 9 and 9.5 sec at at level 13. Wouldn’t be that unfiar ? Rage is stronger at level 13 or weaker at level 9.

You have a point here. When they’ve reworked the Freeze spell, they did adjust the time on the spell and just gave it a damage value. But Rage doesn’t have any damage — what would you suggest as a good balance since this card does nothing except giving rage stats to the troops, so time is the only factor.

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@ShadowsCreed You haven’t answered my question.

If the Rage spell does not last longer at Level 13 than Level 9, and the only stats that’s changed for the Rage spell when you level up is the duration. What would you actually change in terms of stats? If there are no stats change then no one would upgrade the card.

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@SML I think radius of the rage spell should be same as freeze spell and the damage should be added. Damage should also be same as freeze spell. Spell duration and cost of elxire should be decided accordingly.( I think it duration should be 4 seconds and elxire cost 3 elxire.)

Rage spell:(at level 9)
Duration: 4 seconds
Damage: 95
Radius: 3
Cost: 3 elxire

Ok — but what would it damage? Freeze is usually played on top of enemy troops, which made sense, but Rage is usually played on top of your own troops, so damage won’t make a whole lot of sense here.

@SML we can use rage spell on Pekka if skeleton army or bats attacks her. So the spell kills all the swarms and also gives her rage effect. You can use it on goblin barrel to damage goblins and give rage to own princess tower. We can use it on minion horde, Goblin gang, skelton army, skelton barrel, minions, minor-bats, minor-wall breaker etc. defensively. When attacking on crowd a small amount of area damage makes huge difference. Also the “not ranged” troops will going to come near our troops so we can use rage spell their also.

ok that is a fair point. I’ll ask.

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