Question about a program I made where I use RoyaleAPI data

Hello, I made a program where you can type in the name and the clan from a player, and as output you get the last Deck he played (most likely his current deck).

To search for the player, the clan and the last battle he played, I use the data from your Webpage (RoyaleAPI).
I want to ask if I can share this program with other peoples.
If you don’t want that, I don’t share it. Only wanted to ask before to be sure.

My second question is what the chatbots in Twitch from players like Morten use, to get the last bzw. current deck?
Do their chatbots get the data from RoyaleAPI or immediately from the original API from Clash Royale?

Thanks in advance

Why are you using data from us? Shouldn’t you use the official API? Please don’t scrape our site and use our site as your personal API.

Ok, thanks for answering.
I will use the official API.