Problems with Electro Giant

I hit 6k consistently and sometimes over 6.3k with my giant double knight deck which was kinda ok 3 years ago and i’ve seen the deck about 3 times in my last 3000 games so it must be really bad, but for a few months i’ve been destroyed by electro giant, not once have i won when my opponent played it and it is so popular i can’t even get close to 6k anymore. I’ve read electro giant is really bad, so should i assume there is no nerf coming and just change deck? Also, any idea which deck will be good in 1.5 years since it takes that long to max a deck?

  1. Thanks for being the first to post an actual general post on this forum! :heart:
  2. Giant Double Prince is still strong although definitely not as strong as it once was.
  3. Electro Giant is strong in the meta — yes — if a card dominates in a meta, I suspect that it will be balanced in the future — it just needs to be overly strong to get a nerf though. We know that Supercell tends to look at cards with significantly high usage (norm is 8%) and significantly high win rates (+55%).
  4. The meta changes depending on the balances, so it’s not possible to predict what “would be good in 1.5 years”. With the Magic Items update, players should find it easier to upgrade their cards and be able to play more decks more easily. Good luck!