Prize Money Delay from supercell

Hi can i know is it true supercell still not submit prizepool money to the organizer of LPL ANZ CUP 2022?
We was discuss with the staff (broken) he said supercell is still not submit the money rewards .
And as a player we was waiting about 2month + .
They organizer said max to receive the rewards in 30days .
Can u check it for me?

I have forwarded your question to Supercell. I’ll give you an update when I have more info. Thanks!

Sure . Thanks for your support . We really need the answer from supercell as the organizer said they still not receive the money from supercell . It was delay almost 2month+ .

Hi — Got an update from Supercell — it seems that the prize funds were sent yesterday already. Please reach out again if you run into any further issues.

It solve alr . Thanks you so much support .