Pls help me i lost my account help me find it and say player tag

i have lost my old account help me find it

name of account is “SUPERCELL”
i have only one legendry card which is graveyard i dont have any other legendries pls help me find and reply tag pls

and its above the spell vally

Sorry but this entry has too many results and we won’t be providing a custom search for it.

its arena is not too high and above spell vally now can you?
name is SUPERCELL (all capital)

This search returns 250,000+ results. So it will be as good as useless. Also: we don’t store player arena for the name-tag database. If you have never used our site before it’s unlikely to exist on the database that has player progress (so even if we search over there it won’t give you the results you want), not to mention that even on that database it will return 110,000+ results which is good as useless.