Please help me, my cell phone was stolen and I lost my account

Please help me find the TAG of my account so I can get it back. I’m from chile:
Name: maxi
King level: 11
Trophies: 4500 approximately.
I searched for the name on your page, but it only shows me 100 results out of all the existing ones.

I can search one by one, but I need access to the entire maxi name listing. Another important fact is that I played with: Level 12 Balloon, Level 13 Prince, Level 13 Mini Pekka, Level 13 Arrows, Level 13 Fireball, Level 12 Ram Rider, Level 13 Musketeer, Level 13 Bats

More information:
I don’t have Team
I’m from Chile

I believe that only a few players in Chile are named maxi, with king level 11 and the cards that I mentioned.

Please don’t forget this topic, I need your help.

Haven’t forgot. Unfortunately super busy right now… If you haven’t used our site before then searching by name won’t give relevant results and also not possible to search by KL11 if you have never used our site before. So maybe you can tell me if you have used our site before?

I used this page only 3 or 4 days ago searching by name. When I search my name maxi, I have 14000 results, but the page only shows me 100 results.
I think that if we search only in Chile with my name maxi, kl11, no teams and the cards that I mentioned, is possible to find.
If you send me the list with names of Chile, I can search one by one, no problem.

Thanks for your help my friend.

Hi, please don’t forget my topic.



Searching for player account by name is only possible for players who have used our site before — and therefore, already indexed by our database. There are no native methods to fetch a player profile by name from Supercell servers directly. The only way to fetch a player profile is by player tag. If you have forgotten your player tag and want to look up using player names, then the only way it will show up from this custom search is if you have visited our site before. What that means is that it’s possible that the list we provide you here does not contain your account at all.

DO NOT randomly give a player tag to Clash Royale support to recover your account. Doing so would be seen as “phishing” and will likely get you banned permanently.

With that said, here are the search results based on the information provided: