Player not receiving API achievements due to suspicion of smurf

Hi, one of my player who has been playing for 1-2 years now had recently noticed that he should have received API achievement for events he participated in, also he is playing GKR S7 Summer Split with my team Enosis and doesn’t receive that on his API either, could you please check why is this happening and if previous achievements could be added? His profile was previously checked by API for RoyaleMSTRS in November and it was clean and the account was detected as suspicious Smurf account when it’s his main account as he is only playing recently. His in game name is Neverable and his tag is #R20RL29Q0.

Please let me know if you require any additional information or what you can do about this situation, many thanks.

Hi, this account isn’t valid to create an esports profile. If this is truly his main account and he hasn’t had more accounts in the past, there’s nothing that can be done; not everyone is eligible to have an esports profile.

I was talking with my player he mentioned to me he has a lost account that he doesn’t know login or anything for. It was a lvl 8 account with roughly 3800 trophies. Maybe that could cause this whole thing. Is there any way for him to receive his achievements even if he let’s say made an account that would be appointed as main account and this would be added as a smurf to it? Because this really makes him demotivated to compete in any event knowing he wouldn’t get the recognition for his efforts.

The level 8 account isn’t the issue.

And no, if the information that you have provided is correct then there is nothing that can be done. As I said earlier, not everyone is eligible to have an esports profile.

Okay thanks for taking the time. Just one last question what makes an account eligible to be an eSport account? Just wanna know in case any of my players would face the same issue in the future

Sorry, we don’t publicly disclose the validation criteria that we use