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Hola! Yo tengo un caso parecido. Estoy buscando mi cuenta que se llama TRAJANO pero no sale en el top 100, hay alguna manera de ver las 131 cuentas con mi nombre? Me ayudarías mucho.


Hi there! I have a similar case. I am looking for my account called TRAJANO but it is not in the top 100, is there any way to see the 131 accounts with my name? You would help me a lot.

These are all the results we have:

Please note that we only know of players who have used our site before.

¡Hola, gracias por responder tan pronto! Podéis pasarme más cuentas con el nombre de TRAJANO? Si pueden ser las 131, es que he buscado todas pero no son la mía.

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Hi, thanks for responding so soon! Can you pass me more accounts with the name TRAJANO? If they can be all 131, it is because I have looked for all of them but they are not mine.

The list I’ve sent you contain everything already. The 130+ results you receive on the site include fuzzy matches e.g.

Rafa Trajano
Ulpio Trajano

We will not send you samples of fuzzy matches.

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Is there any way to see the accounts that were called “Dani :)” in 2018, please? From 2016 to mid-2019 it was called like this

it’s not possible to filter by date.

Also: custom search is limited to one per user. This takes time away from our staff and we can’t keep on running them for you.