Player Leaderboard by Card at End of Season

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Good morning SML. I am going to comment specifically on this deck post to place an order. First of all, I would like to clarify that this is my second time commenting here, since the first time I made it in the post “CW2-PROGRESS GRAPH”.
After such clarification I will continue with my request:
It is well known that, throughout Clash Royale (2016-2023 for many) or (2016-:infinity: for a few), the META game has evolved according to the entry of new cards, or, to the rise / fall of stats that They have the ones that are already in the game.
Taking into account what has been recently stated, here you are doing a great survey of the best decks (specific on each card), at the end of each season that starts from January 2021.
Still, 2016-2020 is a very interesting period to look at in the game, even more so considering that Clash Royale’s historical boom was centered around the years 2016-2017.
Based on this , and taking into account the portals that you have open about the CRL ( DECKS SECTION ) , the videos on Youtube of certain content creators with the best decks of that time , the information available on other websites , or , community feedback , it would be nice to create another portal that historically analyzes all the META decks that have been played in the history of this game .
At least, the period 2016-2020 that is not as long as 2021-2023 with each card, but represents, in a simple and summarized way, the best 10-15 decks that were played in each month.
Thank you very much in advance for everything , always taking into account your work and effort .