Player in 7000 but winning only single digit trophies or losing single digit trophies?

I just challenged someone and checked their profile only to find out that when this person wins in Trophy Road, they gain 4 or 5 trophies with the win and if they lose, they lose 4 or 5 trophies. Is it cause of the disadvantage of the the player challenging high level players or is it their king tower that’s low? It’s level 13.

For more proof, here is the player profile I’m talking about.

It’s because every arena have Lvl cap, if your XP lvl is too low for the current arena you can’t reach it and can’t gain more trophy’s than 5
„ The remaining 2500 trophies until 7500 will be filled with 6 new arenas , all of which will have Level Gates to ensure that player progression remains balanced. Until you reach the required level of an arena, you won’t be able to play in it.“

Here you can read it •Trophy Road->•Arenas

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Thanks for the link. Was looking for this last night but didn’t type in the correct term.