Player clan history

Can i found somehow in which clans i belong to in past ? I need it to recover my account back

If you’ve participated in any events such as Clan Wars 1 or Clan Wars 2, the events will keep track of what clans you were in. This is all on your profile by the way when you go to search up your name on RoyaleAPI. Also on the profile, when you scroll to the very bottom, along with the Clan Wars 1 and Clan Wars 2 history will show a tab called Clan History. For that, it’ll only depend on if the website registers what clans you were last in. It won’t recognize every one of them but will list a few by most recent I believe.

Edit: For the Clan History, the website shows a disclaimer note stating if you’ve searched yourself on the website each time you were in a different clan, it registers each clan or if you were on various leaderboards.

Yeah , thanks , but is an old account , and i cant recover it back because they put me to say what was my last clan i belong to and i cant find that deep details , this was a few years ago :frowning:

If it’s a while back, I don’t think you’ll be able to recover it since this website doesn’t keep track of those who were inactive for a long time. Is that the only question they’re asking to recover your account back?