Perfect Match - A free evolution and more news - February 2024 (Season 56)

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Where and how can we choose the cards to choose evolution of.

Despite popular belief I’m actually looking forward to this - I’ve already formulated a deck in anticipation should the rumours be true. Just a quick question… what if you have all of the available evolutions to choose the free evo for unlocked??? (I have everything but RG but as of rn it’s 5/6 and I intend to use the evo shard in shop for it.)

Would the 6 shards go away for me? Or would I be able to choose another evo. (The ones I currently don’t have that aren’t RG are Valk, Bomber, Wall breakers).

I would be fairly disappointed if they took it away because it be almost be like the pass money for ( ex: August - Knight) getting an evo would essentially be wasted.

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So, if I currently have 3evo shards in stock and I get 6 on 14th Feb, will it become 9 shards like what happens to cards? Or I will lose those extra 3 shards? Please reply if anyone knows…

Hey there, in my opinion main aspect of the evolution in bait cards is immunity from spells. You have nerfed archers and fire cracker few times but they can still survive arrows. This balance change makes none cycle decks couldn’t get value out of bomber evolution easily, So i suggest if you found bomber evolution powerfull, you could nerf another value than hitpoints. :handshake:

you will get elite wild cards or if the card is not max you will get 1000 of that card (common)

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You can only pick 1
the extras will convert to ewc if max or 1000 common cards. (each)

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Thats shit for those, like me, who have all existing evolutions unlocked - would be nice to get 6 wildshards instead for those players!

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well that hurts. I dont want any of the listed evos. I wanted to unlock new evos while they’re broken using those shards. but seems I’ve got no options

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Hey! It is my understanding that if you have at least the 8 you can choose from unlocked, or even every single evolution bar the Wallbreakers releasing the same day, you will get 6 Wild Shards. Basically allowing you to get the Wallbreakers or any other future evolution for free as long as you have the OG 8.

No, that’s incorrect. You can only pick from the 8 evolutions we listed.

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Can I get legendary or champion in diamond pass
And i at arena 5

I just upgraded to lvl54 (lvl15 crown tower) after the seasonal update. But I still have 1 evolution slot. Is it a bug or second evolution slot hasn’t started yet?

So if I understand correctly. It will max out the evolution I choose first and if I have some shards of that evolution already, they will transform into evolution wild cards?
For example: I have 2 royale recruits evolution shards. 4 of the evolution will max my royale recruits and the other ones (2) will be transformed into evolution wild cards?

Depends on what you mean with “Evolution Wild Cards”, as this doesn’t really exist.

Overflow is to Wild Cards, and if your card is maxed, to Elite Wild Cards.

You don’t get Wild Shards, which are the evolution shards that can be used with any evolution.

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Do I correct?

  1. If your 8 cards already evoled, on the 14th Feb. it’s will get a random chose and converted to EWC(1 shard = 1000 ewc).?
  2. If I choose the card that already have 3 shards, you’ll get 3 shards and 3 shards overflow to 3000 ewc?

Is it possible to choose an evolution for a card you haven’t unlocked? What happens, if it’s possible and you do so?