Perdí una cuenta antigua de Clash Royale

Necesito encontrar mi cuenta. Está con el nombre de Nick, con la mayúscula, no tiene clan, debe estar entre las 4000 copas, la cuenta fue creada en el 2016 o 2017. Sé que hay muchos resultados con ese mismo nombre pero no me importa que me pasen la lista con los más de 30000 resultados, me encargaré de buscarlo uno por uno si es necesario. De verdad necesito ayuda para recuperarla.


Searching for player account by name is only possible for players who have used our site before — and therefore, already indexed by our database. There are no native methods to fetch a player profile by name from Supercell servers directly. The only way to fetch a player profile is by player tag. If you have forgotten your player tag and want to look up using player names, then the only way it will show up from this custom search is if you have visited our site before. What that means is that it’s possible that the list we provide you here does not contain your account at all.

DO NOT randomly give a player tag to Clash Royale support to recover your account. Doing so would be seen as “phishing” and will likely get you banned permanently.

With that said, here are the search results based on the information provided: