PC Battle replay timeline size and card size

On mobile, the sizes for the timeline and cards seem fine, but on PC, I think the sizes can be adjusted.

The size of the cards in the deck display below the timeline seem to scale with the window size, but I think it gets ridiculously big when the window is fullscreen on PC. This isn’t really a problem though.

I think the timeline remaining the same size is problematic because it is too small for PC.
Can the timeline be made bigger when the window is bigger? (both taller and wider)
There can be a limit of course, since it shouldn’t become ridiculously large like the cards below the timeline.

One more request: can the timeline become zoomable? it would be nice if we can “zoom in” on the timeline to clearly see a bunch of cards played together. Something simple like a x1 and x2 setting is enough.

I can add these on our very long todo list but there are no ETAs because we simply don’t have the time to work on everything.