Path of Legends History NOT Showing Up

Hey, I wanted to ask that why the Path of Legends history of any player on his/her RoyaleAPI profile isn’t showing up? Like the chart? And acheivement badge regarding PoL can be a feature that is possile to add on player profiles. PoL icons can be shown next to profiles in clans too.

This chart has never existed as a feature, and we have no plans to add it.

Not sure what you mean with the badge, can you be more specific?

The stats page is empty as you can see.

Oh, I see. This usually happens for players who aren’t logged in our database.

This history is not provided by the official API and is only created when you visit your profile. If no one visits the profile, then no information is collected.

Thanks for the clarification. For the badge thing, the team can introduce an acheivement badge for the highest league a player has acheived in PoL.

That would need the Clash Royale API to include this information, so unfortunately it’s not possible.

Thanks, now all things are clarified.