New Update Trophy Reseting

So i know the new update is coming, as i watched it live on youtube this morning… if my trophies are currently at 6012 and my personal best is 6333, what will my trophy road trohpy count be and what will my competitive league trophy count be?


Please see the season reset table included in the FAQ section in our post.

But im confused which one is for trophy road and which for competitive

Trophy Road:

  • Arenas
  • Has trophies
  • Casual
  • Reset when update goes live, but no resets moving forward

Path of Legends:

  • Leagues
  • Doesn’t have trophies
  • Has Ratings starting at Master II
  • Competitive
  • Everyone resets to League 1 at end of season

ok so Competitive mode does not have trophies — everyone starts at League 1 and you climb by winning battles.

Ok so then what league will i go to on the 26th

For competitive

Like what will be the multiplier

Everyone starts at League 1. No multiplier for the first season.

Ok, but then what happens to all the progress ive made over the past two years

That will still be part of the Trophy Road

I finished at 6055 trophies last season (PB at 6215), but my current PB for this season is 6259. Which trophy count will the final trophy reset be based on?

Your life time highest trophies will be used. For example if you have EVER reached 8000 trophies, even if your season best finish is 6000. 8000 will be used.